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Tiger Stunt school is coming!

Want to feel what it’s like to be an action star?
Want to know what it takes to do the cool stunts you see in the movies and TV?

Then come along to the Tiger Stunt School!

No martial arts experience? No problem! Class is open to everyone.

Come alone and train with Grand Master Kim, who has previously worked for several years as a script writer and stunt coordinator for Korean television.

When: Doors open at 5pm June 5th


30 Commercial Drive, Ashmore QLD 4214


Grand Master Kim: 0403 405 077

WHG Australia Instructor grading


On July 6th 2014, Hapkido Brisbane was proud to host a high level grading day at their Dojang in Brisbane.

In attendance was  Hapkido World Group Founder, Grand Master Bermas Kim; Hapkido World Group Australian President and owner of Hapkido Brisbane, Master Stephen Millwood; Principal instructor and owner of Melbourne Hapkido Academy, Master Craig Cairney, as well as other members of the Australian Hapkido family from Tasmania, Melbourne, Brisbane and Gold Coast as well as friends and relatives.

The day was opened by a short seminar by Grand Master Kim who explained the history and philosophy behind Hapkido.

This was followed by a rousing performance by local Korean traditional drum group Go Su, followed by a delicious morning tea of Korean KimBap

Grand Master Kim promoted Master Millwood to the rank of 7th Dan and Master Cairney to the rank of 6th Dan

At the completion of the testing, Grand Master Kim was proud to promote both Paul van Pelt and Rebecca Apelt from Hapkido Brisbane, not only to 4th Dan, but also Master rank.

This was a significant event, not only for 2 Master/Instructors to be promoted at the same time, but also from the same club.

It was a very powerful, and proud moment for Hapkido Brisbane, Melbourne Hapkido Academy and World Hapkido Group Australia.


Many congratulations to all.

2014 Korea Training Camp just announced!


The 2014 Korea Hapkido training camp has just been announced.


Read about it here.


Be quick and don’t miss out!

Grand Master Kim returns to teaching in Australia.

After successfully leading the Australian team to multiple victories in Korea in 2013; Grand Master Bermas Kim has returned to teaching at the Ashmore Dojang on the Gold Coast, Queensland.

For more information and class times, please feel free to contact him on +61 403 405 077 or via email

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